Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do Nothing

What to do? I'll probably do nothing, and that's probably the best option. Some times, when you procrastinate, or just wait, the opportunity expires. While you haven't made a choice...in a way, you did. So, what's this all about? Ebooks. Lately I've become a bit interested in the Kindle and the iPad. I am, however, old fashioned and I like nothing better than holding an actual book in my hands. Yet, technology does intrigue me. I started doing some research, especially into the kindle-which is much less expensive than the iPad (of course, you can only read on it-unlike the iPad which is almost a computer with Internet.) But, I'd basically come to the conclusion that I would not buy a kindle, or ask for one as a Christmas gift...although I'd love to get one. One of the main reasons, aside from my old fashioned "let me hold a real book" feelings was the cost. As I mentioned before, I don't buy many books-basically because of the cost. And buying books for kindle doesn't save you much money. Basically the ebook costs $1 less than the real book! So I'd decided, pretty much, to stick with my library books, buying an occasional book at an author signing event. What happened, you may ask? I've been in contact with several authors who are actively promoting their ebooks. Some mysteries are hard to find-and some authors have recently gotten their rights back from publishing houses and can sell their backlisted books on their own. In fact, there's a huge sale going on right now: http://backlistebooks.com/ I've received 2 messages from 2 local authors whose books I really like: Lorna Barrett (Lorraine Bartlett, L.L. Bartlett) and P.B. Ryan (Patricia Ryan). I really want to support authors...and some of P.B. Ryan's books are only $2.49 on sale (most kindle books that I've looked at are $6.99) . According to Lorraine Bartlett, you don't need an e-reader to buy these books-you can download them right to your computer and read them there. I definitely have no desire to do that. Reading at my big desktop is no fun. But if you buy an ebook, do you have to pick a version-or do you just buy it and it'll work for all? You see my dilemma. That's why I think I'll do nothing. Sigh.

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