Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Overcoming Adversity

It never ceases to amaze me how people and other animals react to horrible things. Some are devastated and never recover, some become bitter and angry, and others go on with a joyful heart. I just read an article about Chipmunk, a little puppy available for adoption at the Erie County Humane Society. Little Chipmunk has had a horrible life. When he was only 24 days old and weighed only 2 pounds, he was surrendered to the shelter after being attacked by a large animal. One of his hind legs was practically destroyed and had to be amputated. Thankfully, he flew through the surgery and recovery with flying colors and has healed nicely. This little guy is full of love and, according to shelter staff, runs like he has 10 legs, instead of 3! When horrible things happen to you, try to think of Chipmunk and overcome the tragedy so you can be ready for a wonderful next chapter!

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Sonja said...

He is stinkin' adorable!!! Way to go Chipmunk!!