Monday, October 11, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month. Today I went for my annual mammogram. The place was packed, but I got to talking with a woman waiting next to me...and another across from me, about the Kindle and iPad. She had both and was showing us all the features. Pretty darn cool. Although I believe in real books...that Kindle is very tempting. At any rate I was called before I knew it, got squished (no big deal...perhaps because I am so big...nonetheless...) and went to wait for my results. Talked with the ladies again and before you knew it-we were all out of there. My boobs are normal and I was out in an hour! So ladies, make sure you get your yearly mammograms-it's no big deal and early detection is important! Guys, make sure you tell the women in your life to get checked! As one shirt says-Save the ta tas!

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Steph said...

I had mine a couple of weeks ago. I think they hurt. Or maybe I just get a tech who likes to squish me more than is required. Glad to have that behind me for another year.