Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To the Vet

I took all the rats to the vet this morning. When Baron had surgery the vet found some little buggies. They're species specific, and easy to treat, but a pain. We got everyone weighed. When I went in the exam room, the receptionist brought in the chart-looking at the names and dates of births, she quietly asked me, in a hesitant voice, "You no longer have Snickers?" I laughed and said, "He's right here!" My old man really is old at over 3 years and a month! Everyone did really well sitting in that little cup getting weighed. Snickers is by far the heaviest, weighing in at 600 grams. Unfortunately, a lot of that is tumor. Sigh. Dylan is next at 484 and the rest are close to that with the lightest being Marlin at 425. I've started washing fabric, but I won't give them their treatment til tomorrow. I have to keep them separated for a few hours-or they'll lick the meds off each other. Then a scrub of all cages. Hopefully this will knock everything out. We have to be ready for the babies coming!

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