Thursday, August 6, 2009

Three Brothers

Yesterday I went to Cayuga Lake. On the way home I saw a sign for a winery I hadn't heard of, so I turned and off into the unknown I went. I was driving and driving, not seeing more signs, but following the road. Then I saw a sign-it didn't seem like the same name, but I turned. And drove. I was in middle of nowhere. Well, the middle of cornfields is where I was. Then I saw a lake ahead-that must be Seneca Lake. Then I saw Three Brothers Wineries and Estates-so in I pulled. What a unique place. It was actually 3 wineries and 1 microbrewery all in one place. Sadly gone are the days of free tastings. I don't mind when you get your tasting money back with a purchase-but that wasn't the case here. You can either pay $2.50 at each of the 4 places-or get a passport for $8. Which is what I did. It's a good bit of change, especially if a group comes in-but you do get a lot of tastings-5-6 at each winery plus the brewery. The wineries are divided into dry wines: Stony Lonesome, semi-sweet: Passion Feet, and sweet: Rogue's Hollow. Each has a totally different feel, each representing a certain brother. And don't forget the beer at War Horse. I enjoyed beverages at each of the locations. They had a great Gew├╝rztraminer, some nice blends including a great Raspberry Riesling and a super Traminette mix (Two Banger), a nice pale ale and a great root beer! All in all a very nice detour.

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