Saturday, August 1, 2009

Minor Frustrations

Today has been a day of minor frustrations. I slept in later than usual. I went to vote for my rat-and the photos aren't up yet (even now at 6PM). Plus I found out another member of my rat group is competing as well with an adorable photo and saying she's sharing the prize if she gets it with another member. Ugh. Sickeningly sweet and bye bye to votes for my boy! I got some great cucumbers to make more pickles...but can't get any dill. I got some liquor with rebate forms, but only got one receipt. I was going to make a peach dessert, but the peaches aren't quite ripe yet. I was about to make some gin raisins, but forgot that I put salt in the clean jar I had-so I have to wash more jars before I do that. At least my good shows are on tonight. I hope.

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