Sunday, August 23, 2009

Erie County Fair

Today I went to the Erie County Fair with friends I haven't seen in over 19 years! We had a blast! It was great fun-even though we did get rained on...repeatedly. At times it was quite a heavy rain too-but what fun we had. Of course we had fried dough and I had a monster sized lemonade. We got to see cows-including one mom who had her calf at 2:03 this morning. What a sweet baby! We saw pigs, sheep, ducks, chickens, horses, cats, and reindeer. I made friends with Molson, a mustang. At one point when the rain really started coming down we went into an I Got It! tent to play. I won! I won 4 times! Two of those times I was the only winner too, so I got 2 prizes (I got free games for the other wins). It was great to reconnect in person with my old college friends too. All in all I had a fantastic day.

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