Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nintendo DSi

A few years ago I realized, belatedly, that you could actually get stuff for free with points from using your credit card. I signed up and have gotten some great things: enough gift certificates to get my Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner, a video iPod, gift certificates that I used to get videos and a gift for my Dad, and just now, a Nintendo DSi. I had been waiting for that one. I saw that I had enough credits for a Nintendo Lite, but I was advised to wait and get the DSi as it had lots more features, including a camera. What the heck, it wasn't as if I NEEDED the thing. So I waited and yesterday I saw that I had enough points. So, about 11AM yesterday I ordered a black matte Nintendo DSi (they had blue, but it was a funky looking blue-so I got black) using the standard shipping included in the points. Today at about 10:30AM I heard the backdoor. (Barrett who moments earlier barked his head off at a dog 300 yards away gave no indication that there was a man at out back door.) It was the UPS Man who had left a package. The Nintendo DSi. Talk about quick! I got it in less than 24 hours. When I later checked my e-mail I found one from about 1PM saying that the game had shipped. Shipped? It had shipped, arrived, and been played with! Thank you Thank You Network!

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