Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I love reading and one of my favorite genres is the mystery novel. I follow a great many series, mostly cozy mysteries. Actually, it's amazing how many genres and sub genres exist in the mystery field. I guess you could say there are even sub sub genres. There are also a lot of what I call "how to mysteries". These are books that also give tips on certain things. There are craft mysteries that give tips on soap making, beading, some even give needlework designs. Some gardening mysteries give gardening tips and you can even find information on interior design and teddy bear making. Of course the field of culinary mysteries gives us plenty of wonderful recipes to try. While you might expect to find some recipes in books such as the White House Chef mysteries and the Gourmet Girl mysteries, you may find them in other series as well. The Glassblower mystery series gives recipes as well as information about glass and the Craft Corner series shares recipes as well as crafting tips. I guess it just proves how important food is to people...and how popular the subject is. So go check out some good mystery books and you may just find a good recipe with it!

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