Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Day of Chores

I decided not to try to brave the heat, so I did not go to The Riesling Festival. Instead, I stayed in my air conditioned home and tried to get some things accomplished. I did pretty well, aside from killing the mini shop vac. It had been acting weird when my mom used it a few weeks ago. It was super loud. I changed the filter and started cleaning around one of the litter boxes. It was super loud and didn't sound right. Still, it sucked up stuff, so I went to the other litter box. It was loud, then it made like a coughing sound. I turned around and saw that it was smoking. I quickly unplugged it and opened it to make sure nothing was on fire. Nothing was...but I shan't be using that machine again! At least I got both areas relatively clean. Plus I scrubbed the litter boxes, bleached them, and let them dry in the sun. I also cleaned Ollie's cage, did some laundry, sent some e-mails, paid some bills, did my Wii Fit, and Brain Age. Now I'm cooking dinner. A good day, if rough on my back.

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