Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hemlock Pioneer Days

Today I went to the Hemlock Pioneer Days. It was a really fun event. Sadly, the dog trials were cancelled-the dogs just never showed up. But they did have a draft horse show. I watched the whole thing. These horses are amazing. They had several classes for horses and ponies. Only one group had Haflingers-so the pony classes were just them. The show started with 6 horse teams. It's amazing to watch these big guys go. There was a team of Clydesdales and one of Belgiums. Aside from the 6 horse teams, they had 4 horse, unicorn, 2 horse, tandem, then ladies horse and cart and gentlemen horse and cart. The only problem occurred during the horse tandem event. The lead Clydesdale kept trying to back up and stand to the left of the rear horse-probably his usual place in the team. They had to leave the ring. There were also some Percherons. I love the big guys. One Belgium was huge. I doubt Harley would come up to his shoulder. I love watching them get ready-their people stand on ladders. Aside from the draft horses there was lots of farm equipment-mainly tractors. It's interesting to note than whenever there are lots of tractors there are a lot more not looking bored and wishing they were someplace else. I also had a nice talk with a master gardener, I got tips on needle punching (which I haven't been able to get right), and had a great talk about wine history with a woman from the York historical society. All in all a nice, albeit very hot day.

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