Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Samba de Amigo

I reason I wanted to get the Wii gaming system was so that I could get Wii Fit and do some exercising. Heaven's knows I need to exercise and I figured this would be a good way to get some more movement in my life. I was right I love the Wii Fit. The only issue I have is that just a few days after I started, I herniated 2 discs-so I was unable to do anything for a few months. I'm doing a bit now-but there are lots of exercises I haven't tried due to my back. Still, I'm doing something. The thing I love about Wii is that it does get you moving. Consequently, the games I look for are fun things to get me moving. I had heard great things about Outdoor Challenge. So I got it. Sadly, it's a bit too challenging for me. Hopefully, in time I can make use of it. I recently got Cardio Challenge. I haven't even tried that. That's OK, I got it since it was on sale and once I'm better I'll give it a shot. The other week I went across town to the great mystery library. They also have Wii games. The few times I've been there they've all been checked out, but this time I was lucky. I was extra lucky in finding the one game: Samba de Amigo. What a fantastic game; for me at any rate. The game is the story of Amigo, a monkey who plays the maracas. You become Amigo (or eventually his sister or other friends) and use the Wii remotes as maracas. There's a great Latin beat as you dance and shake your maracas in certain patterns. I love the music-you can't help but dance along. You also work up a good sweat. It's a great, fun workout and I intend to buy the game as soon as I can find it in stores!

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