Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Festivals

There are so many wonderful local festivals occurring at this time of year. Yesterday I stopped by the local Italian Festival. Although not nearly as grand as the one is Buffalo, which has a Mount Vesuvius that erupts every 15 minutes, it was nice. I made it to the demonstration tent-which is where I stayed. They made pasta...and ricotta...and showed how to make prosciutto, and sausage, and wine. And they all had samples! Then I took a plate of braciole home. Today I went to the Oatka Festival. They had lots of craft vendors. I got a Christmas present for my dad, homemade dog and cat treats, and an Italian charm to finish my bracelet. Then I ate. And I'm still stuffed. I had a HUGE beef on weck with horseradish, these great fries (and they had vinegar!!!) and fresh squeezed lemonade. Then, I got go... a candy apple and cinnamon taffy, and a banana taffy too. No need for dinner tonight!

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