Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Medical Technology

Technology is a pretty neat thing. I went in for my third spinal injection today. When I told the doc that the first 2 didn't do much he said, "Hmmm, where did you get your MRI". When I told him UMI-he clicked the computer screen and within seconds he was looking at my MRI. Although I don't have any symptoms below the knee, he felt the other herniation looked pretty bad to him, so instead of injecting me at L2L3 "Why inject you there when it's not doing anything", he decided to inject me at L4L5. Well, he wasn't kidding when he said the skin is more sensitive the lower you go on the spine. I nearly came off the table when he inserted the first needle. That was painful-much worse than the other 2 shots. Then when the nurse told me to sit up on the table, I couldn't get up. The other times I jumped right up-this time it took me 3 tries to get up! They say that's a good sign. We'll see. Now I've been assigned more physical therapy and will go back to the neurosurgeon on August 13.


Steph said...

L4L5 is defintely painful. Been there and done that - 4 times. My doctor tried to distract me by talking about other things, but it really didn't work. I will keep my fingers crossed that it works better for you this time.

Do they let you drive yourself home afterward? They wouldn't let me drive and made me go home and lay flat for the remainder of the day.

Katreader said...

No driving for me. My folks came up from Buffalo and Dad drove me. I don't have to lay flat-but I'm supposed to rest quietly for 24 hours. My doc worked at distracting me too. I really like him, I wouldn't mind more shots by him, no matter how painful! LOL