Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It is with sadness that I write that Paulie lost his battle with cancer last evening.

I adopted Paulie along with his brothers from Lollypop Farm, the local humane society On October 24, 2008 and he was thought to be 1 year and three months old. When I first saw Paulie's picture, I thought he was a PEW, however, he was a first Himi. He was a sweet boy, by far the most outgoing of the 3. However, he had health problems from the start. He had horrible sneezing which, even after many rounds of meds, never totally cleared up. But he seemed happy and active. Then, just recently, I noticed a dramatic weight loss. He was still extraordinarily active and eating well. I trip to the vet led us to the conclusion of cancer. He was taking prednisone, but, although he loved to get his medicine, he was still losing weight. But, he was active to the end, enjoying treats and running around exploring. Paulie wasn't with me very long, but he brought joy and love into my life. He will be missed.

September 17, 2007- July 7, 2009

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