Sunday, July 12, 2009

Missed it

Drat! Today was a glorious day, sunshine with low humidity and the temperature around 70. A really perfect day. A perfect day to go out and enjoy something. And I could have gone out and enjoyed a great event...except I found out about it too late. My folks came up around noon today and left around 1:30. It wasn't until then that I realized how great it was outside and wondered where I could go. It was too far for the Sterling Renaissance Festival, and I didn't feel like dealing with parking and shuttles for the Corn Hill Art Festival, so I looked online and saw the Lyons Peppermint Days. Perfect! Arts and Crafts, tours of historic buildings (including the peppermint factory), even a ghost walk! Talk about perfect...and right up my alley. Then I saw that the last event was listed at 3PM. It would take about an hour to get there. It was currently 2 PM. Sigh. No peppermint festival for me. Drat! Why didn't I look this up earlier in the week?!?

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