Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ark Time?

I have the animals...only I don't really have pairs, and the dog, cats, and horse are fixed, and I only have male rats. It is raining every day. Raining hard, real downpours too with lots of thunder. No drying the laundry on the line. Barrett doesn't mind storms, except when the thunder is very close. Then he'll stand and bark at the ceiling. Last night I was woken by thunder, then I heard Barrett who was trying to get into my closet. There was no way he could get in there, but he did his best to try, knocking things over and moving my bed. I have no idea why he wanted in the closet, maybe he was scared. He finally gave up and we both eventually got back to sleep. We'll see what happens tonight. More thunderstorms are on the way.

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