Thursday, July 16, 2009

If I was a Witch. . .

I always thought it would be neat to be like Samantha Stevens. Twitch your nose and your room is clean! Yes, I'd love to be a witch, a Hollywood type though, that could do almost anything. I'll agree to some ground rules-you couldn't make yourself independently wealthy-although you could conjure things you need and want. You couldn't heal the sick or raise the dead, or find miraculous cures and solve world problems with a click of your fingers, or a twitch of your nose. That being said, if I was a witch, what would I do? I would totally clean and organize my house-and have it remain clean and organized. Everything would have a place. The craft room would have appropriate shelves and everything would be easily accessible. Lost things would return to me in a snap-I've been looking for that rubber stamp for 3 weeks now, to no avail. I would magically do home repairs-indeed I'd do some major remodeling-new kitchen cabinets and a dishwasher! A big bathroom, a remodeled basement. I'd be able to have weeds come out from the root with a look and those damn Japanese Beetles wouldn't be able to enter my property at all! Yes, I would like to be a witch. If you were a witch, what would you do?

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Steph said...

Oh, the things I would do if I were a witch. I would wash the dishes with the twirl of a finger; my house would be clean and the laundry done while I sit comfortably on the sofa and watch The F Word. Most importantly, I would be able to pick up the dog poop from the yard with a snap of my fingers and never have to go near one of those smelly piles.

Although hubby says he would rather be a super hero like the Flash. He would be a speed demon and could do everything super fast.