Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flying Time

Today just flew by. I was up early, but spend too much time on the computer. I finally started my errands after 12:30. I got to the barn around 1. Harley was in his stall and we quickly got ready and worked a bit. My back was bothering me-so we didn't work too long. I cooled him off, gave him a shower-misted myself and was done just before 2. Then I stopped at the Hallmark shop as I had expiring coupons. I picked up some good Christmas gifts-that store always has some good clearance finds!. From there it was PetSmart for cat food...and dog food and dog treats and rat treats. Coupons played a part there too. Right next door was JoAnns-it was there Coupon Commotion and I picked up a few things. A few minutes down the road was AC Moore. I had a 50% coupon for the solvent ink I needed and I also picked up a few clearance items. Then a stop at the grocery store. I needed jars for my pickles, and pasta sauce. I also found some clearance gifts, and I picked up dinner-a main dish and 2 sides for $6! I got chicken French, garlic smashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. Yummm. I had to run home as I was expecting a call for a follow up to a TV survey. I unpacked the car-missed a call from the dentist and my editor, but I had 20 minutes before the survey people. I unpacked the car and put my dinner in to heat. But then, I smelled a smell. Not a good smell. I soon found the source: Barrett had an accident. As I was cleaning up the mess the phone rang-the follow up interview. Sigh. I completed the interview-they were more interested in the commercial than the program-which was lousy, by the way. Then I reheated the dinner, ate, quickly back on the computer. I then did a short Wii Fit session-my back was still bothering me. I washed a few jars, checked the pickles (not quite ready) then time for my shows, a Bones episode I haven't seen and the 100th episode and results show of So You Think You Can Dance. Whew!

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Steph said...

Sounds like it was a crazy busy day. I absolutely love the Rama Lama (Bang Bang) routine and thought it was even better with Wade dancing.