Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Body

I am such a home body it's almost ridiculous. I woke up early, even after getting to bed quite late (darn addicting computer games) and had a series of phone calls I needed to make. I accomplished those quite quickly and then I was completing my general computer tasks. After that I was ready to leave for the errands I needed to do. I was hoping to get Barrett in to see the vet today, but we got an appointment for tomorrow. OK, that was out. I was hoping I'd get a call saying the inks I had ordered were in and I could go pick those up. Then I realized it was Monday and the store was closed. I had already dressed in decent clothes, but I could change and go to the barn...but I didn't. I realized I needed to start working on submissions for a photo contest, and then there was the big project I needed to start for my aunt's Christmas present (I sew slowly), there were lots of things I needed to do at home. So...I'm staying here. Hopefully I'll be able to complete several tasks and make good inroads into others.

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