Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vet Re-Check

Barrett was back at the vet today, but just for a re-check. He got a few stitches out and a few staples in. The ends are healing, but there's still a hole in the middle. Now that the swelling has come down the stitches there are loose-so they stapled him shut. He was such a good boy. No fuss. We go back in 10 days and hopefully the staples and remaining stitches can come out and the e-collar can come off. Poor guy. After coming home and giving him some treats, I was off across town to the rat vet to pick up medication for Paulie. Fortunately, he thinks the doxy is as yummy as the baytril. Now he's on 2 meds, but the other rats are off everything. I think I'll put some blueberry syrup in a syringe for them so they don't think they're missing out. My rats love taking their medication!

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