Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Day Early

I guess I was just a day early...but I still had a good time this morning. I went out to Marjim Manor, specifically to get a certain wine for a friend. On the way I was going to stop at an Amish bakery to get some wonderful treats. I saw the bakery, just a greenhouse in front of their home, but no signs advertising the baked goods. Was it only open on weekends? Only open in the summer? Only open summer weekends? I went on to the Manor. I went in without issue. Last time I couldn't open the door and someone had to let me in. Today I saw a sign telling people to press firmly to open the door as "the ghosts like to play tricks". I bought some wonderful wines...but the one I wanted specifically wouldn't be in the store until tomorrow. Sigh. On the way back I stopped in the driveway of the Amish people as I saw a truck go in. I lucked out in that one of the Amish men was there, I was unlucky as their opening day is tomorrow. Sigh. They open tomorrow and they'll be open everyday, except Sundays, from about 8AM-5PM. Friday and Saturday mornings they'll offer fresh doughnuts and after Mother's Day homemade ice cream on Saturdays. I'll just have to take the long drive to get these treats.

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Anonymous said...

Better than being a day late!