Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Expo

Today I went to the Spring Expo at the county fairgrounds. It was nice. It was sponsored by Country Max, so they mainly had dealers and things from their stores. They had some freebies, but not as much as I'd hoped for. Still I got some canned cat food, dry dog food, and dog treats as samples. I did guess the weight of the guinea pig and won a pencil. I also am hoping against the odds that I'll win the huge ferret mansion house. The rats would love it. I also bought some things they had on special-treats for the rats and horse as well as organic fly spray and a new brush for Harley. I also watched some dog obedience-at one point the lady sneezed and the dog get a tissue out of the Kleenex box and gave it to her! They also had a mini horse with her foal-the cutest! All in all, a nice time.

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