Saturday, April 4, 2009

Traveling Rats

A few years ago I was involved with The Traveling Rats Project. The leader has purchased a wonderful plush rat from England and the group named him Professor Magellan Ratkins. The professor embarked on a journey, mailed to each of us. He was then taken to see the sights-and have his picture taken with those sights. A scheduling conflict arose and so to avoid missing a trip on an African Safari, I bought another rat to travel as well; a sister to The Professor named Amelia Ratkins. Sadly, The Professor disappeared in Australia, but Amelia kept traveling until she retired home with me. Lately, I've been taking her with me, snapping pictures of the sights we see around here and I'm thinking of making a website for her. Then I got to thinking...perhaps a new voyage should continue. Not with strangers, but with people I actually know. I do know people all over the world. I don't want to risk losing Amelia though. I know. . . she's an inanimate object, but I'm attached. I'm considering getting another Raggy Rat. A younger brother who likes to travel perhaps. It won't be happening anytime soon. Vet bills were over $1,000 this month. But perhaps, sometime in the future.

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Raggy Rat said...

hello, have you got amelia pics to share? my fave from those days was the massai pics you took ... and i would love to see them again but all the links are gone !

so glad i found your blog
cathy xxx and thanks for the raggy rat link - check out my busy blog, too xxx