Monday, March 3, 2008


I have a lot of stuff. My folks call it junk, I call it treasure! I follow the saying, "Whoever dies with the most stuff wins!" Well, I'm making a run for it. I know, it's better to simplify. How can I even enjoy my stuff when most of it is packed away? But it's mine. I know it's there, I like it, and...I want more. Oh, the collector in me. However, I do think at times, what happens when I do die? All my stuff. Will other people enjoy it or will it end up in a rubbish pile somewhere. I sure hope not! Then there's the "family" stuff. Photos and furniture passed down. I'm the end of the line. Believe you me, I'm sure glad I don't have any human children and I don't intend to ever get them (a little late now anyway, LOL!) but I do wish I could have passed some of the stuff down. Oh well. Cousin Karl-you'll probably be getting the family stuff-assuming you live longer than me! HA!!

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