Saturday, March 15, 2008


Today I attended a Demo Day at a local Paper store. What fun. The store is primarily a scrapbooking store, but rubber stampers, such as myself, are frequent customers. At one point the owner, laughing at what the other demonstrator, a card maker/stamper, gave her described the differences between us-quite accurately. Rubber Stampers and Scrapbookers are like snowboarders and skiers. They both love the snow. They both use the mountains, but they give each other funny looks. That's it! The great thing is this other demonstrator, Lynda, is talking the owner into carrying more stamper things-which, of course, scrapbookers can use too. What got me so excited today were these new ink pads. OMG! They are Marvy Uchida Metallic Pearl Pads. They are great. After the demo another woman wondered what the metallic orange looked like. So I followed her over to ask Lynda, who proceeded to show us all the colors on both white and black paper. She also embossed one. These colors are magnificent! I bought 4 of them and the store completely sold out of them, every color. It's a good thing I went to the first demo-the people coming to the next one were out of luck! Anyway, I got the metallic pearl green, metallic pearl blue, metallic pearl purple, and metallic pearl black (which even shows up on black paper-how cool is that?!?!). In the future I'll be getting the metallic pearl red, orange, silver, and gold. I can't wait to use them! In fact, I'll be using the ones I got in the newest card challenge. I'd better go and be creative now!


Anonymous said...

I really trying not to get into scrap booking, my sister just started and is creating the most beautiful pages.

I just can't!

My card making has curbed with the closing of Michael's and Rag Shop and supplies being quiet expensive in the City, I need to find a discount paper store, there must be something!

I can't wait to get a card with the new ink.

Katreader said...

Well, you won't find that ink on your next card (Easter), but I'll do a special one for you soon! I haven't gotten into scrapbooking, I'm kind of afraid to do so-so many photos. But, I do use photos in some card making and altered art. I'll miss your handmade cards-so I hope you can find a cheap supply place soon!