Wednesday, March 19, 2008


People piss me off. I think a very large portion of the population should just be killed-the world would probably be a much better place. Some of these people post comments that just make me furious. On Fanpop the question was what to grab as you're leaving a burning house. I chose my pet. Someone chose pictures. OK. I can see that, then he made the comment, "you can replace a pet, you can't replace photos." OH MY GOD! I pray to God he doesn't procreate. Then reading an article about McDonald's changing lids to protect hedgehogs (who get caught in the old lids and die) and an idiot posted about how stupid it was to report about that and people should worry about "important" issues like poverty. UGH!!! I'll even report the stupid person in the local paper who wanted to vent. His issue-a waitress approached his table and asked, "What would you guys like to order?" He was so mad at the expression "you guys". You have got to be kidding me. I won't even go into the idiots at work. OK. I'm getting myself worked up again. I'm going to take a shower and try to calm down. I still think a great portion of humanity should be vaporized. Some should be tortured first. Grrrrrr.