Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Yesterday I was back in the saddle again after being sick and missing two lessons. I hadn't ridden in three weeks and lost what little endurance I had. It probably didn't help that when I went in the barnyard to get Harley-he decided to go to the further field, then canter to the far end of that. Fortunately, when I called him that time, he decided to come to me. Still. Aside from that, he was pretty good for me, until the end of the lesson. I was making errors at the canter and he decided that if I made mistakes, he could mess around. So he was being a bit of a brat, shaking his head, not paying attention - he even stuck his tongue out at me! Oh well, horses will be horses!

1 comment:

PJ E said...

Horses is smart beasties! You're on punishment for neglecting him! Poooooor Harley.