Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Zoo Visit

This morning I decided to pay a visit to the Seneca Park Zoo. My departure was delayed a bit, the plumber called and wanted to come out first thing. He replaced one of my outdoor faucets-so that's taken care of! I left only a half hour later than I planned-not bad at all. All the animals seemed to be lazing around, enjoying the sun and relaxing. The hyenas and sea lions were sunbathing and Nikko and Luna, the Arctic wolves, were napping. I decided to bypass the long walk to see the elephants and went back to watch the otter training session. A zookeeper worked with Admiral, showing some training exercises. Admiral was very good-he's 19 years old and only started training 2 years ago. He rolls over and lets the keeper touch his feet-something a vet may have to do. He did other things too-and ate lots of fish as a reward. I have a painting Admiral created. I also have one from Anna, the beautiful cougar I photographed above. Isn't that a great shot? Thank goodness the Plexiglas was clean! I decided to leave after that-too many noisy kids, plus I had lots of other things to accomplish. I'll have to go again soon, and this time go down to see the elephants too!

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