Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I was having more problems with my temporary crown. Saturday night it came out. (Tip-don't eat a tootsie roll when you have a temporary crown.) I shoved it back on and went to bed-hoping I wouldn't choke to death on it in my sleep. I didn't...but the next morning it came out again. I called Monday to have them cement it back in, since I wouldn't get my permanent until July 7th-more than a week away. They said to come in Tuesday at 2. Yuck sleep wise for me, but doable. So I got a few hours of sleep and went in. They had good news-my permanent crown was in! So they got me all set up with my new crown and I came home and went back to bed. The only down side-today was a glorious day weather wise and I missed it all by sleeping and going to the dentist.

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