Thursday, June 24, 2010

Auto Registration

I got my form to renew my automobile registration today. Since the state apparently has no money and the idiots can't pass a budget to save their lives, the pseudo-governor (I can't call him a real governor since no one voted for him; he just got the position as the last one resigned in a sexual scandal.) said that everyone had to get new plates when they registered, whether they needed them or not. Fortunately, the hew and cry was such that the plan was ditched. So I can pay my $62 and be done with it. However, I have the options to get new plates (new/old that is, we're going to a retro plate). Get this-for a new plate with new numbers I'd have to pay $87, BUT if I want to keep my same plate numbers (which I would, as I like it) I'd have to pay $107! What a scam. Glad I can keep what I have...for now!

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