Thursday, June 17, 2010

Best Laid Plans...

I had good intentions, but it didn't work out. I planned to mow the yard this evening; the front and side, at any rate-stuff that can be readily seen. It's been raining and it's going to be raining all weekend-so today was a good day. Plus the weather is absolutely gorgeous. So I got the lawn tractor out of the garage. I've been having problems with the blade carriage-a bit fell out, so it keeps dropping-but I got it OK. I started it up and off I went. However, I only made 2 passes of the side when it quit. And wouldn't start. It tried to turn over, but couldn't manage it. After trying for quite a while, I just pushed it back into the garage. It also looks like it has an oil leak (although there is oil in the tractor-yes, I checked). Add the blade issues and the fact that Dad can't drive it anymore, and the fact that it's like 7 years old...I guess I'll be lawn tractor shopping this weekend. Sigh.

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