Saturday, June 12, 2010

Travel Misdirection

I had a bit of adventure with my Mom today. The heat was too much for Dad, so he stayed home while Mom and I went to the Polish Heritage Festival at the Erie County Fairgrounds. Now, I've been to the fairgrounds several times...but I've never driven. We hooked up Dad's new Gamin to help us get there and off we went. Unfortunately, darn thing wasn't always clear and we had some weird goings-but we got there. And I drove the Skyway; one scary piece of roadway that I don't even care to be a passenger on. Once we got to the Fairgrounds we almost couldn't find the place where the festival was being held. The entry wasn't the same as the last time we attended and there were lots of other events going on too. We finally found it, hidden behind other buildings with lousy signage. One handmade sign right at the entry gate-nothing to get you to the gate! There wasn't much there-but Mom got what she came a Christmas gift for me! I got a winter hat-but that was it. We did have a great meal-roast beef with salt potatoes and a dill pickle. Yummm. Mom had a Polish beer-but it was so hot and I had to drive that Skyway-so I just had a pop. We got home-but with more redirection. After the Skyway Mom told me I'd have to take a right exit to get to the 190, then the Gamin told me to take a right, I knew I had to take a right-so I took a right. Than that damn Gamin started in again, "recalculating..." I turned too soon. So I took the first exit. We decided to not try and get back on to the 190-and go a different route. We did-then that route had a major detour so we took another way. We finally got near home, when we were stopped again. A huge accident completely blocking the road home. So...back we went and around another circuitous path. We finally got home-hot and tired. Did I mention the AC wasn't really working? But, we did it. Mission accomplished!

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