Sunday, June 6, 2010


I am absolutely livid. My fury has calmed a little bit-there's nothing I can do now, but boy am I mad. I paid a guy to mow my lawn and weed whack. Just to get it under control and looking good for when my folks come up. This morning I discovered that the idiot chopped down my beautiful Weigila shrub. The little beauty was 3 years old and in full bloom-now it's gone. It was also a present from my mom. I could have killed him. I knew I shouldn't have hired this guy...but I just wanted the job done. I knew I should have pointed out areas in which to be careful, but I didn't. I'm sure kicking myself now. It took 3 years to establish that plant. He'll be buying me a new one-but it'll be years before I can enjoy it-he'd better be able to find the right variety. This is why I didn't want to hire anyone. I'll just do it myself and take some care with my work-not wield the weed whacker like a maniac, killing anything in my path! If things get overgrown...oh well, at least the plants will still be there!

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