Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Barrett got his stitches out and I got some put in! I was working last evening when a patient got mad and decided to punch me in the face. Unfortunately, he got 2 punches in before I could stop him. Fortunately he hit me well, not damaging my glasses and the laceration just under my lip was perfectly straight. The doctor came and saw me, she said, "you don't want me to do your stitches" so off I went to the emergency room. I checked in at 8:12 PM, saw a triage nurse at about 9PM, actually got seen at 11:15PM and was discharged at 12:30AM. What a night. I'm off work at least until the stitches are out. I said I could use a few days off, but this wasn't exactly what I meant!


PJ E said...

heh . . . "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it". Sorry it had to come with a punch! At least it's not debilitating, and you can probably ENJOY your days off. Relax a little woman! :)

Team Scby-Do said...

So sorry to hear about the punch in the face. A few stitches may not have been the ideal way to get time off of work, but try to relax and make the best of the days off.