Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fun Day

My doctor told me that this weekend was supposed to be beautiful so to go out and enjoy it. I took his advice and had a very fun day today. After a stop at the post office I took a LONG drive out to a winery that I'd never been to before-Marjim Manor. As I was driving along in the middle of nowhere I saw these little signs along the road-Bakery Ahead-Cookies-Breads. I was going to stop, but before I knew it-I passed it as I saw signs in the opposite direction. Oh well, I'd stop on the way back. Eventually, a few counties later, I found The Winery at Marjim Manor. Neat place-and good wine. They have tons of varieties, some of which I sampled at Dozynki-I tried 6 others today. Some I didn't care for-but others I really enjoyed. I especially like the Starlight and 50 Windows. The really neat thing is the history of the place. You see, the manor is haunted. In fact, they're going to be on Ghost Hunters sometime soon (I have to find out when). I did hear footsteps when I was there, but that may have been an employee going upstairs. I didn't feel the cold spot or see anybody, anybody that was dead anyway. The young woman I spoke with told me they're trying to get the boss to write a book on the subject as she's collected lots of information. It's quite interesting. After buying some wine and gifts and petting one of the cats I left to return home.

Soon enough I saw those little bakery signs and pulled into a gravel driveway. Hmmm. All I could see at first was a greenhouse, no cars, but behind the greenhouse was a building with a sign saying "Open" so in I went. I saw tons of breads and pies, and pillows-yup-it was an Amish bakery. I was in luck, they had such wonderful things. Since I was going to my folks tomorrow, I got stuff for all of us. I got a small raspberry pie, pineapple tart, raspberry chocolate chip cookies, dill pickle and cheddar bread and sweet pepper, onion and cheddar bread. Since it was Saturday they also had home churned ice cream-so I had a bowl of vanilla. Delicious!

I continued the ride home and stopped at Ridge Road Station. I had heard of it, but had never been. It's a huge train, toy, candy, candle, collectible, Christmas store. This place was gigantic. I almost got lost in it! They also have the coolest train room. The train runs on 3,300 feet of track on 4 landscaped levels. Makes me want to have a train! I got some Christmas gifts and then continued on my journey.

My next stop was Hurd Orchards. A beautiful little place, but very pricey. This is not your Mom and Pop Fruit stand (of which there are tons in this area), but an elegant Victorian type place. I did splurge on some Early Summer Fruit Preserves (raspberry, strawberry, currant and cherry). I drove some more and then decided I didn't feel like cooking dinner. Instead of fast food I went to a good restaurant I hadn't been to in quite a while. There menu had changed quite a bit-but everything was still very good. I had the Chicken French and was only able to eat half-so a big doggie bag for me (sorry Barrett).

I stopped to fill up the car with gas then finally made it home. A very long, but very fun day. Now I'm doing laundry and relaxing before my Britcoms come on. Then I'll enjoy some wine and Amish bread. Yumm.


Ray said...

The Iron Isle Museum was on Ghost Hunters last night. They found lots of evidence. Ray

Katreader said...

Cool. I missed watching it. I have to pay more attention to when the show is on.