Monday, August 25, 2008


Since Seneca was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism she has to take 2 pills a day. She won't just take the pills, but she's a greedy guts, so I hide the pill in food and she gobbles it down so fast she never realizes there's a pill inside. Usually I use canned cat food, the ground stuff. I just take out a smidge, put a pill in, cover it with the ground food and give it to her. It's a habit now-a habit which Calumet has noticed. Callie isn't big on treats and snacks and when Barrett and Seneca start crowding her, she'll just walk away. However, when it's pill time she's gotten in the habit of jumping onto the sink (out of Seneca's way) to get something special. I'll give her some cat food as I give Seneca the pill cat food. Callie enjoys this treat. I received some Greenies pill pockets in the mail as a free sample-so I thought I'd give that a try. Seneca came and so did Callie. I wasn't going to open a can of food-so I got a plain treat for Callie and gave her that as I gave Seneca the pill pocket. Seneca loved the pocket-but Calumet was not pleased. She licked the treat, but didn't eat it. The look she gave me, "I was gypped!"

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Steph said...

Poor Callie. Mom, give her a treat.