Saturday, August 23, 2008


Today I went to Dozynki at Corpus Christi Church in Buffalo with my folks. Dozynki is a Polish Harvest Festival. I've been to a couple, this one wasn't so hot, although the weather was hot and we did have fun. The music was great (live Polka band, of course) and they had Polish beer (also great, although expensive), but the food wasn't good (surprising) and there were only 3 vendors-of those one only had fresh produce and one was a winery (yum, samples and good wine). I did get a t-shirt though. We met up with my dad's cousins and they made things fun too. The really depressing thing was the neighborhood. At one time it was a nice Polish neighborhood with well kept homes, close to The Terminal. Now it's more like a ghetto with abandoned, boarded up buildings, graffiti and squalor close to the abandoned terminal. Not a place you want to walk around, even in broad daylight. Sad, really.

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