Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sharing the Shower

It was a beautiful day today. It was sunny with temperatures in the low seventies. The humidity was a bit higher than yesterday and I worked up a sweat during my riding lesson. However, I work up a sweat when the temperature is in the teens, so... At any rate, we had our lesson outside, it was a gorgeous day, and Harley was great. Afterward I gave him, and me, a shower. The hose in the shower stall has an adjustable head-so you can spray from a jet stream to a gentle mist. I used the shower setting for Harley and he enjoyed it. Then I stepped to the side and changed the setting to mist. I then put the hose on me. Harley saw this and sidled closer, putting his head next to mine under the mist. I wish we had a picture-he was so cute!

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