Friday, May 9, 2008

So Much

It's the same old refrain, "So much to do, so little time!" I was on the phone with Albany late this morning. They are allowing me to take the test, even though they're questioning my qualifications to take it-don't get me started. Anyway, that gave me a late start getting to the barn. I rode Harley for a little and chatted with my instructor who was still there working. After that it was already after 3PM! I filled the gar up with gas, chatted with 2 other guys filling up, picked myself off the ground after seeing the cost, then proceeded to the paper store. I dropped off my ATCs, picked up a card challenge, and got some things I had ordered and for which I prepaid. I stopped at the library to return books and pick out some new ones. Now I'm cooking dinner. In about an hour and a half a Master Gardener is coming over to walk the property with me. I still have to do the dishes, pick up the dog stuff from the yard, vacuum and tidy up the house as the folks are coming up in the morning and because I have the test I must complete everything tonight. Oh, my shows are on too!

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