Saturday, May 31, 2008

Polish Heritage Festival

My parents and I went to the Polish Heritage Festival today. Last year's event was fantastic. This year-not so much. I don't know what they were thinking. This is a POLISH HERITAGE festival, why does the main building have nothing but country music and the Polish music and dancing is outside at the far end of the place. Why on earth is country music even there? I don't have anything against country music, but this is a POLISH festival. Add to that the Polka bands didn't even start until after we left. While we ate (wonderful Polish food) we could hear country music on one side and Dean Martin singing That's Amore on the other side. What's up with that? There also weren't many vendors this year. We did have a good time, despite our disappointment. We got some good Polish food, both to eat and to take home (a Polish grocery had a booth). They also had duck races! These ducks were something else. The race is a swimming race and the ducks are trained. Of course, this was dubbed The Great Polish American Czarnina Duck Race. but don't worry-no ducks were harmed and the losers aren't turned into soup! (If you don't know Czarnina is duck blood soup.) We also got to see llamas. At the other end of the fairground they had a llama show. That was fun too. All in all a great day.

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