Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well, my vacation is over. I'll be leaving for work in a few short hours. So...what did I do on my vacation? I went to the Wine and Herb Trail, a paper sale, my folks came up and we went to dinner and lunch the next day. We also shampooed the carpets and the sunroom. I had lots of teeth work done and recovered from that. I did some rubber stamping, though not everything I had planned. I got a package out to England and a letter to California. I organized my 12X12 papers. I installed my new computer. I had some landscape work done and made contact with the roofer. I added things to Fanpop spots and read some books. I rode Harley, but no more than usual. Barrett and I went for a walk, but he never got his bath. And that's about it. I still don't want to go to work though.

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