Sunday, May 11, 2008

iTunes Confusion

OK, I have a new computer. I backed up all my iTunes from the old computer on discs and then reinstalled them on the new computer. No problem. I didn't disable the old iTunes in case there was a problem, so that I could go back. Last night I tried to download some free songs, I was told it didn't recognise an account, so I signed in using (I think) my correct user name. At any rate, it let me download the songs. However, when I went to the "purchased" library-it just showed those songs-not all the other things I've purchased. Those items are in my library. Then when I went to sync my iPod it told me it was synced to another library and can only be synced to one library at a time. It then asked me if I wanted to erase and sync or transfer purchases from this library. EEK. I'm afraid of the word "erase" so I just cancelled. What do I do?


PJ E said...

Your iPod knows what computer it's been syncing with, and since you have a new machine, you need to reassign it. If everything you have in your iPod is on your new machine, no worries.

You should, however, go into your iTunes preferences, hit the Syncing tab, and click on "disallow automatic syncing". Then when you plug in your iPod, go through and tell it you want to update manually. This gives you more control over what stays and what goes. If you have trouble with it, call me.

Katreader said...

Thanks. When I have time later this week I'll look more closely at it...and I may call you too!