Thursday, May 29, 2008


It's amazing how worked up you can get over a TV show...especially a reality TV show. I am a huge fan of Top Chef. I absolutely despise one of this season's chefs. My best buddy also can't stand her and we e-mail and complain and anguish over the fact that she hasn't been eliminated yet. She's a sullen bitch who lies and can't take criticism. She's arrogant and I can't stand her!!! I even got mad at Chef Colicchio and lost some respect for him over what I call "the Polish Sausage Fiasco". I got home today from an awful day at work and rewound the VCR (call me old-fashioned-no Tivo for me) to watch the latest episode. Yet again, the bitch is on the chopping block and then....someone else gets eliminated. She actually made it to the finals. I believe longshoremen would have been shocked at my language. I'm still cursing a blue streak. How dare she be able to continue? Aughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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