Thursday, October 4, 2007

Top Chef

SPOILER ALERT! Don't look down or read further if you don't know who won Season 3 of Top Chef and are planning to watch your taped version.

And the winner is...

Hung Huynh. Although he wasn't my favorite chef from the get go-I always liked and respected him, even though he said he could be the ass of the show (or something to that effect). True he wasn't the most helpful to the other chefs-but he wasn't nasty and he was right, "This is a competition". My favorite part of the whole season was the Mise en Place Relay Race on episode 9. Watching Hung take apart those chickens was amazing! By the finale I knew I didn't want Casey to win (I wanted her eliminated a long time ago) I would have been happy if Dale won, but I really thought Hung deserved it. Especially when Dale's scallop dish was so praised and he said it was 100% 50/50 collaberation with CJ. Plus he had some things that weren't good (lousy lobster dish and too heavy gnocchi). The only bad thing they had to say about Hung (aside from wishing for a bit more acidity in some things) was that his dessert was "disjointed" and didn't fit in with his modern style of cooking. HELLO-you made him pick a 4th course with only an hour left. And he cooked it perfectly. I say chocolate and raspberries go good with ANYTHING. So there! I only wish I could taste some of these dishes-especially Hung's duck! I found his recipe-I don't think I'll be trying it anytime soon! Congratulations Hung on a job cooked to perfection!

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