Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Poor Furby

I read an online article showcasing the ugliest products in tech history. Poor Furby made the list along with ugly phones and computers and what not. Furby's not ugly! Here's what they said:
The Ugliest Products in Tech History
All of this gear may have worked just fine, but it sure looked bad doing it. Here are 10 examples of the worst product designs in the tech industry's storied past.
The Ugliest Products in Tech HistoryFurby (© CNET)
Tiger Electronics FurbyIt sounds like the ultimate geek fantasy: Give your child an intelligent robot for Christmas--even if it does look like a cross between Gizmo from the Gremlins movie, a Muppet, and a Warner Brothers cartoon character. Thanks to its CPU, sensors, and moving parts, the original Furby could react to light, sound and touch: waking up in the morning, responding to words and sounds, and responding to having its fur stroked. Out of the box, Furbys spoke "Furbish," but could be taught to repeat certain English words if they were given positive reinforcement at the same time. In 1998 they caused enough of a sensation that the $35 toys quickly sold out in toy stores, driving prices up into the hundreds and riling up parents who clearly hadn't learned from the Tickle Me Elmo fad two years earlier.
At any rate-I think there are MUCH uglier things than Furby. I'm going to have to find mine and give him a hug!


Bun-Girl said...

How sad! I had a Furby... My rabbit at the time seemed to agree with the assessment of this article. The Furby was sitting in her chair when she jumped up there. Of course this set off the motion sensor which started the toy talking and singing. Speedy (the rabbit) grabbed the Furby by the ear and slung him off the chair and onto the living room floor, where he simply continued to talk and sing. lol Anyway, all that to say that I miss my Furby... Wonder if Mom still has him?

Katreader said...

I think mine is in a box in the attic. I remember whenever I picked up the box he would start talking. I guess I need to go up and shake some boxes! A quest for this weekend!