Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall TV

The fall TV season appears to be up and running and there are several shows I follow; too many, really. Working evening shift makes it difficult-I've got the VCR taping almost every night. Unfortunately, since I only have 1 TV and 1 VCR, I'm forced to pick between shows. So, what do I watch? We start with Tuesday night when I tape Bones and House. I also like the new show Reaper-but pick the other 2 to tape. Although thanks to baseball preempting I got to watch Reaper this past week. Wednesday night I have America's Next Top Model (I know...but I'm hooked.) and Private Practice. I'm not that thrilled with Private Practice, but I tape anyway. Thursday is Ugly Betty-the best show on-and Grey's Anatomy. Friday, I'm actually off work and it's a good thing as that's my big TV night. We start with Ghost Whisperer, then Moonlight, Men in Trees, and Blood Ties! What a night! Saturday has the BBC mystery Rosemary and Thyme followed by some BBC comedies. That's a lot of TV!!! I'll probably pick up Project Runway when that starts up too. And some shows I follow are on break now-Top Chef, Monk, and Psych. I used to love Desperate Housewives-but didn't follow season 3-so now I've just given up on it. I'd like to watch Dancing with the Stars, in fact I have some of this season taped, but I still haven't watched any of it. It's just too much to catch up on. I still haven't caught up on last week's shows. Oh I taped the first episode of Pushing Daisy's-but haven't seen it yet and don't tape it as something else I tape is on at that time.

So what are my favorite shows on now? Ugly Betty, first choice, no question. At first I wasn't that impressed with Moonlight, but after the dream I had with Josef, I'm addicted. Of course all the others (except for Private Practice and ANTM) have things that make me want to keep watching too. But, I'll save those thoughts for another blog!


Anonymous said...

How are you not watching Heroes! it's the best show on TV and Chuck is Awesome. I caught an episode of Reaper and liked it, it reminds me a little of the movie Dogma, those three demon kids on rollerblades...

I can't wait for Project Runway - Nov. 14!

Katreader said...

I know, I know. When it first came on I watched it at work (well, as much as one can watch a show at work). I really did like it, but I never knew when it was on, then had so many other shows, I just didn't add it. Same with Lost. Oh well. I'm looking forward to Project Runway too. Have you seen Tim Gunn's new show? It's pretty neat, I just catch the reshows and it's like the same ones over and over though.