Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just Say No

There are 2 kittens left at the barn who still need homes. They are the sweetest little girls-both calicos, but a soft grey and orange. People there are urging me to take one-they always are whenever there are kittens, which, unfortunately, is often. I've been strong so far. Harley's other owner succumbed-although she was looking for another home for her. Today was the worst-being told they were shivering from the cold. "Can't you just take her until we can find another home. " Yea, right, like I'd ever be able to let her go once she came here. My mom would have a fit if I brought home another cat...even though I own my own home and am well above the age necessary to consent to who joins my family...it makes it tougher. I've even mentioned giving her another grandkid. She wasn't amused. Both my parents couldn't believe when I brought Calumet home. A part of me knows I shouldn't get another animal (rats somewhat excluded) and heaven knows the 11 animals I already have cost me enough, but I feel bad...and kittens are so cute.... Just say no! Even though the high Thursday will only be in the 40s...Must be strong...just say no...Auughhhh!

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