Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bad Horse Mom

I'm a bad horse mom. I haven't been riding, or even out to see Harley since my lesson on Monday. I was going to go yesterday or today, but yesterday I got so busy, I ran out of time. I didn't worry, as I figured I'd just go this evening. I certainly got up early enough today. I went to the farmer's market, went to a paper store's garage sale (what bargains I got!!!!), then came home. It was rainy and cool so I just got in comfy clothes and goofed around the house. Caught up on some TV shows I taped during the week and worked on my Halloween cards. (I'm waiting for parts to dry now.) At any rate, even though it got nicer out-I haven't left the house. I haven't made the new recipe I wanted to try, I haven't finished putting up the Halloween decorations, nor have I done the dishes. And it's getting late. Sigh. Time's going warp speed again!

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Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that the reason time seems to go by faster the older we get because we start to fail the see the everyday wonder that keeps us occupied while we grow up.

I've made an effort to keep my eyes open to everything, but there still aren't enough hours in the day...