Wednesday, August 10, 2011

True Blood

I had heard wonderful things about the HBO TV series True Blood. A few years ago I read the first Sookie Stackhouse novel, Dead Until Dark, by Charlaine Harris, the series upon which the TV show is based. I thought it was OK and never read any more. Last Christmas I happened upon a wonderful deal from and bought the 1st season of True Blood for $12. At that price, how could I resist? It took me a few months-but I finally watched it...and got hooked. A co-worker who adores the series keeps telling me to catch up so that we can talk about the show. I've been waiting for the second season to go on sale. I saw it at Amazon for $30 and was about to buy it, but I didn't. The next day the price was up to $32. Hmmm. I still intended to get it, but didn't get around to it. Last night I went on Amazon and the price was up to $36. OK, not buying it. I decided to check the library. I had looked before and although the county had many copies, they were all either checked out or on hold. Tonight, however, I saw that my library actually had it available. I ran down this morning, hoping it would still be there. I looked on the shelves-it wasn't there. Augh. Then I saw the cart that had recently returned DVDs. Wasn't on one side, grr, but I found it on the other side. Hooray! So now I have a week to watch season 2-thank goodness I'm going on vacation!

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